Saturday, August 3, 2013


Learning to laugh, learning to praise God in even the most uncomfortable, or inconvenient times has been our mission this summer. Learning to Praise God in all circumstances is not only our theme for our campers, but as a staff, we too, have been practicing such praise. For 5th session, a dear friend and I decided to "cheer" to every event that happened in our cabin, or anything that happened with our group. When something funny, dramatic, or exasperating would happen, we would look at each other and simply cheer and continue on with the rest of the day. This to me was a way of accountability, a way to continue praising in all circumstances. So with this said, I would love to share some of our mental "cheers" with you.
Cheers to poopy pants.
Cheers to missing sleeping bags.
Cheers to learning that Patience is a virtue.
Cheers to campers who appear to hate the world.
Cheers to a camper who struggled to say anything positive.
Cheers to bribing children with candy to go on the Hawaiian slip-n-slide.
Cheers to campers infatuation with staff members.
Cheers to relationships.
Cheers to 82.
Cheers to Golden Pond.
Cheers to Christmas in July.
Cheers to icing hundreds of cookies for Christmas in July.
Cheers to being murdered within the first 30 seconds of Murder in the Dark.
Cheers to a camper who thought and acted as if he was Gollum.
Cheers to rain jackets being mistaken for people in the cabin late at night.
Cheers to late nights and early mornings.
Cheers to night swimming.
Cheers to girls who didn't wear deodorant.
Cheers to the constant attack of chiggers.
Cheers to trying to wrestle 10 girls out of bed in the morning to start the day.
Cheers to our God for answering prayers.
Cheers to God for allowing my mom's procedure to go well.
Cheers to God for helping us through a month of camp with a day and a half off.
Cheers to God for 14 baptisms.
Cheers to 40 precious Wenache campers who taught us a number of lessons throughout the duration of 5th session.