Saturday, September 29, 2012

Break My Heart

How often is the song "Break My Heart" sang at churches, camps, and devotionals? Throughout the duration of my life, it has been a song that I have always sung. The words, though, have never touched me before like they have tonight. Throughout the song, the lyrics speak of a whispered prayer, for God to break our hearts. That's right, to BREAK our hearts. Speaking for myself, I can say that I have never wished pain upon myself or those around me. However, the lyrics are asking God to break our hearts.

"Break my heart, dear Lord,
Tear the barriers down,
Show me with, convicting tears,The glory of Your crown."

BREAK my heart, dear Lord. Just think about it. We are asking God to come into our lives and to break our hardened hearts. We are ASKING him to show us the pain of a broken heart, and for the longest time I never knew why.

Why would I want to have a broken anything, but especially a broken heart? The heart is the reason our bodies function, so why would I ask for it to be broken? The answer is simple. The heart is to our human body, as our soul is to our eternal life. Let that soak in. Often we let our worldly desires consume our minds and our hearts, but to break ourselves of these desires, to break our heart, is to let our soul consume us.

Let your soul consume you. Break your heart. I never knew why I would ask God to break my heart before tonight, and the answer is so clear to me now. I NEED my heart to be broken of the sin that cuts so deep. I NEED my heart to be broken, so that I am aware that my physical body is only a temporary reminder that my life doesn't end when my heart stops beating. My life will never cease to end as long as I serve the Lord, as long as I praise him, my soul will live on forever.

Break your heart. Allow your heart to be broken. To me I now know what a "broken" heart can look like, so bear with me while I go through several examples.

A broken heart is a heart that is now subject to the Lord's plans as it has surrendered its own.
A broken heart is a heart that loves when it would be easier to hate.
A broken heart is a heart that choses to hear God's calling, when it would be easier to ignore.
A broken heart is a heart that is not comfortable in this world, and therefore is set apart.
A broken heart is a heart that is willing to suffer pain and is willing to hurt, all for a greater purpose.

So break your heart. BREAK it. Rid yourself of the sin that often consumes us. Live for the Lord, and not for the earthly desires that are sometimes so much easier to live for. Let God come inside, and truly show you his goodness. Give him your heart, and allow him to take it, and break it. If you surrender your heart to him, he will reward you in full.

As humans, it's our natural instinct, our desire, to live a comfortable, pain-free life. But God has ordered us to break our hearts. Jesus himself died an agonizing death so that everyone could have the OPPORTUNITY to have a relationship with God. His death was not in vain, so tonight I'm asking you to pray the prayer, and ask God to break your heart.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Christian Oasis

"Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water flow from within him." John 7:38

Every morning as I begin my trek across campus, I try to read the "Scripture of the Day" on my Bible App. Usually it doesn't really stick with me, but this verse in particular has been weighing on my heart. Often I feel like we, Christians, could consider our lives a walk in the desert. Miles and miles of sand, and a scorching sun beating on our backs, we are striving for that "oasis." I see this oasis as Heaven, and all the days of my life I feel as if I am trudging on to finally find rest in its shelter. The sun beats down on me, and sometimes it is just hard to see the "bigger" picture when all that lies ahead of you is miles of desert. Discouraged by the world around us, Christians turn to one another and to God himself for our comfort in this journey. Reassurance, that the oasis we are striving for really does exist. The journey is so much more pleasant, when others are accompanying you. Anyway, as I was playing out this fantasy in my head, I could just hear the "streams of living water." Caught up in the desert, a cool drink of water would be all it took to "refresh" and "prepare" you again to continue the journey. In John 7:38, we are told that whoever believes in me, has streams of living water  flowing within him. How amazing is it that in our desert place we call life, God provides the water that we need to continue on? I couldn't help but meditate on this concept for the rest of the day. Living water flowing within me? As a BIMS major, I also made the relation that our physical, human bodies are made up of water. Water is essential to our being; without it, we will die. Letting the Scripture and our strong belief in God fill us, much like water fills our body, will provide us with a gift of life that will extend much longer than the years here on earth that we are not even guaranteed. Our faith, our Christian beliefs, will be the living water flowing within us, providing us rest, peace, and the nourishment we need to get through our day-to-day routines. Our Christian Oasis, Heaven, lies before us. Let God consume your life, and one day when you finally see that oasis on the horizon, you will finally experience life.

Deep in the Heart of Aggieland

In 3 days, I will have been here in College Station for 5 weeks. 5 weeks gone, already. Looking back it truly seems like Sunday my parents dropped me off, hauling luggage up 4 flights of stairs (in a knee brace I might add!) But in all seriousness, 5 weeks have come and gone, and I believe that in my life these weeks have been so important. Much to contradictory belief, I have become even more involved in a church family. Sure I may not know everyone, but that isn;t holding me back from serving the Lord. My first weekend here, I went on a weekend trip to Texas City. I cannot even explain to you the blessings I reaped from that trip. I'm ready to jump at the bit for any type of involvement in AFC. I have made good friends...already, as well as strengthening previous relationships. My best friend, Lucie, and I are roommates. Not once have we fought. Not once! Instead, our relationship is growing and we are helping encourage one another. I say all of this to prove that college is what YOU make of it. It's not some stereotypical experience, no, it's your OWN! Make of it what you want to see of it. My goal in life is to serve the Lord, sharing his compassion and his love. College has already offered me so many opportunities to do just that. Through weekend trips, my future aspirations in the medical field with my major, and a possible Christmas trip to Nicaragua, A&M is helping me build my faith. In 5 short weeks, I have learned a lot. I've bombed a calculus test, moved into Evans (the library on campus), discovered that I have a weakness for a Frozen Explosion from Starbucks, but most importantly I have established who I am in my walk with Christ. I never want to forget this point in my life, this confidence I have that the Lord will always have plans for me. My life, my college experience, is in the palm of his hand. Quite frankly, I know for certain that A&M is right where he wants me to be.